This blog is 14 years old

I can’t celebrate this. My hope was that by now it would be a memoir of a crisis conquered and ended.

14 years ago, in a birthday trip to Vegas with Bonnie and Isabel, I started a blog. It started in Blogger and eventually was migrated to WordPress. I man I was dating suggested I wrote about my job in an effort to pursuade others to take notice and care .

I was working at The People Concern (LAMP) on skid row.

Ya’ll have been with me through 3 apartments and a house,

several random dates

the birth and life of Darla

From LAMP to MAXIMUS, DPSS, Reach for the Top, and my latest top secret position

you came along through grad school at USC

We’ve seen a lot, you and I.

Hopefully we will see a reduction in human suffering and an end to homelessness if we do this right.

Published by Homeless

Mommy. Social worker. Nice lady seeking to end homelessness and end poverty. FightOn

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