This blog is 14 years old

I can’t celebrate this. My hope was that by now it would be a memoir of a crisis conquered and ended. 14 years ago, in a birthday trip to Vegas with Bonnie and Isabel, I started a blog. It started in Blogger and eventually was migrated to WordPress. I man I was dating suggested IContinue reading “This blog is 14 years old”

Defining Homelessness

Surprise! Homelessness is a complicated issue, right down to who is homeless and what type of homeless situation they are experiencing. Unsheltered, Emergency Sheltered, Conditionally Sheltered, Unhappily/inappropriately housed… Here is a short explanation of each.    

and not a pot to pee in

It happened to me this weekend. I was driving down the street when my stomach suddenly cramped. I looked down and saw the 32 ounces of Diet Coke were gone from my McDonalds’s cup and knew, just knew that I was about to have a bathroom emergency. I needed the loo, and badly. I shiftedContinue reading “and not a pot to pee in”

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