Did Pacifica Hospital of the Valley engage in “Homeless Dumping”?

I have some questions.

I am on several Facebook pages for cities in the valley and homeless issues. (I know, quite the shocker to hear that I might be concerned.) I remember when this original post was put up by a neighbor of the hospital who was very worried about what looks like a homeless patient being kicked out of care without an appropriate follow-up plan. The poster was worried for the patient’s well-being and for the neighborhood in general.

This is how the hospital responded. They responded with a threatening letter from a lawyer and not an invitation to discussion.

As I said: I have questions.

1. How were they “discharged” in paragraph 3, if they never received treatment as stated in paragraph 2?

2. Is the lawyer a mind-reader? How do they know the patient (non-payment?!?) ” simply decided” to do anything?

3. The letter vacilates between asserting the person wandered near the hospital and saying they were appropriately discharged.

4. The letter states that this neighbor’s concerns and photos are hurting the hospital. Perhaps the lawyer should know the reputation of the hospital and clinic…it is reasonable to note that I’ve never heard a positive thing about this place or anyone wanting to go there. Keep in mind that I once sat with someone for 14 hours in the ER and old county general so I’m a veteran of questionable medical care.

5. How are facts about who a patient is “readily assertainable” when HIPAA and other privacy laws are in place?

Yes, I’m sure that rather than considering the points I’ve made, or looking hard at the Homeless Discharge law from last year, that the hospital and lawyer will fume over this reposting and discussing of their letter.

I notice the letter was not an invitation for the neighbors to come together for a friendly talk.

How wonderful would it be , if instead, if they focused on better care and reputation though their acts?

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