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When you first moved out on your own, did your folks give you the “hand me down” dishes and pots and pans?

These particular pots in the picture have been with my family for about 30 years. I somehow own three full sets of pots and pans, including the brand new Tiffany Blue set that I bought for Darla because she likes to cook.

So when one of our clients was told that they had been approved for rapid rehousing funds and was ready to sign their lease, I pulled out some pots to give to her so she would have something. Now 30 years of gunk have built up around the edges of these pots and pans and I somehow never noticed it. They went from shiny silver to black.

So I am using my favorite internet trick and soaking dryer sheets to pull up all the gunk and then I made a mummy out of my pot and scraped all the cue off after a couple of hours of soaking.

I’m hoping that she will make many meals and enjoy her new kitchen.

These pots and pans have been well loved I’m hopefully see her through until she can buy some of her own.

I cleaned all the stains off of the skillet

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