The Game to Teach You how to Identify and treat homelessness

Learning is fun, and studies have shown that you remember better when you enjoy the process. Several times a day I’m asked to examine someone’s living situation and give a determination of their housing status. What I know to be true, and my understanding of the federal guidelines of homelessness has been information that’s heldContinue reading “The Game to Teach You how to Identify and treat homelessness”

Defining Homelessness

Homeless  Unsheltered Living in public or private spaces without permission: Tents, cars, RVs, under bridges, etc. Plan – Connect to C.E.S. for Homeless Case Management. Call 211 for the local service provider. – Connect Pt to Medi-Cal – Consider Dept of Mental Health Eval – Connect to Dept of Social Services – Connect to TreatmentContinue reading “Defining Homelessness”

Homeless Connect Day in Chatsworth

This morning was the monthly health and service fair for homeless services . Would it be wrong to tell you how impressed I was with District 12 Councilman John Lee? Typically a few staff interns or members come to these events. John Lee had his entire office out in force. His chief of staff wasContinue reading “Homeless Connect Day in Chatsworth”

This blog is 14 years old

I can’t celebrate this. My hope was that by now it would be a memoir of a crisis conquered and ended. 14 years ago, in a birthday trip to Vegas with Bonnie and Isabel, I started a blog. It started in Blogger and eventually was migrated to WordPress. I man I was dating suggested IContinue reading “This blog is 14 years old”

Defining Homelessness

Surprise! Homelessness is a complicated issue, right down to who is homeless and what type of homeless situation they are experiencing. Unsheltered, Emergency Sheltered, Conditionally Sheltered, Unhappily/inappropriately housed… Here is a short explanation of each.    

and not a pot to pee in

It happened to me this weekend. I was driving down the street when my stomach suddenly cramped. I looked down and saw the 32 ounces of Diet Coke were gone from my McDonalds’s cup and knew, just knew that I was about to have a bathroom emergency. I needed the loo, and badly. I shiftedContinue reading “and not a pot to pee in”

Register to Vote (even of you are homeless)

Not everybody in California has an address. Everybody in California is impacted by the laws here, so everybody should vote. You do not have to have an address to vote. You do need to be able to describe where it is that you stay. If you are registering via a paper form, use the mapContinue reading “Register to Vote (even of you are homeless)”

Did Pacifica Hospital of the Valley engage in “Homeless Dumping”?

I have some questions. I am on several Facebook pages for cities in the valley and homeless issues. (I know, quite the shocker to hear that I might be concerned.) I remember when this original post was put up by a neighbor of the hospital who was very worried about what looks like a homelessContinue reading “Did Pacifica Hospital of the Valley engage in “Homeless Dumping”?”

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