Kobe and Homeless Advocacy

God bless Vanessa Bryant who lost her highschool sweetheart husband and beautiful daughter. She is beautiful inside and out ❤️

But her husband is the reason I stopped attending the #Homewalk in Los Angeles. Around the time he and Vanessa decided not to divorce, he became the spokesperson for the Homewalk.

Violence against women is a leading cause of homelessness for women. If he choked his mistress (did I forget to mention he admitted this to the police?) and choked what he considered to be a consenting partner (he layer admitted she didn’t view it as consentual)…what other women was he hurting?

I couldn’t feel good about anything with his name and face on it. I tried. I went to the first one and got within 10 feet of him when I called him a rapist…okay,  yelled it. He shrugged.

All the good works in the world without internalizing his guilt, without donating his time and money to Women’s charities, without continuing to admit his guilt (he told his priest he was innocent and bragged about it). He wasn’t contrite. He admits he didn’t ask God to forgive him…that’s the difference between the murderous saints and Kobe.


One out of every 4 women is a victim of sexual assault. In the #metoo generation, seeing this assault ignored because of Fame and talent is telling her – and other people- that she wasn’t good enough or worth empathy and respect.

Donald Trump , Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, Kobe Bryant, Matt Lauer… If you don’t want to be remembered as a rapist or sexual assaulter: don’t assault.

Check in on your friends who have been abused. In a sea of grief , they feel guilty for being relieved. They feel chastised for pointing to Kobe’s own words.

As for me, maybe I will finally want to return to the Homewalk.

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