What a shelter can look like

The hallway with sign in book and notice board

Not all shelters… That sounds like a social justice hashtag, right?

They’ve been using this house as a homeless shelter for the last year. That’s what I found in a cute little neighborhood and the residents can stay for a 90 days each.

Each bedroom has two beds and the guests are gone every day from 9 a.m. until 4 in the afternoon. While they are out, they are looking for a new housing and better employment.

Every single person who has stayed in this house has moved on to someplace better and more permanent.

I know that people consider homeless shelters to be large rooms with army cots and a lot of crime. That is not the actual true face of what housing and shelter can look like.

Can you spot the shelter? Me neither.

I encourage you to go into your community and help create assistance such as this for our neighborhood.

This is in Bob Blumenfield’s district in the San Fernando Valley. Good job, Bob!

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