Dear Robert Marbut

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Homeless sucks. It is dirty, gross, disease festering and ugly. Nobody likes it.

Do you understand that? The homeless and the housed in California want this misery to end.

And, by the way, we are trying…

But here is the thing, it is important that folks stay alive while we work to fix it. People need to eat. Bodies need to sleep. Good people want to reach out and help others, and in California we are kind. You can’t legislate away the need to feed others and want them to be safe.

And, we are ending homelessness for lots of folks. This year I’ve led a team housing 73 people , and not just getting them into housing: permanent, self sustainable housing.

California is a great place to live, and especially Los Angeles. It is, however, super expensive.

We need to find a way to make the available bedrooms attainable to those who need them. The Pilot Project where LA County pays rent directly to landlords is a great tool. Housing vouchers, housing first, shelters, sober living houses, missions…we are doing a little of everything. This is good because everyone is different so this way we hope to find a solution that fits.

There are outside factors that homeless advocates can’t control – job’s, access to addictive drugs, and the housing market are a few examples.

To end California’s homeless crisis we also have to change the status of these things.

Join us. Help us. Crawl in a box in the middleliddle of San Pedro with me and let’s chat.

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