“Sleep Out”

Tonight, right now, across the United States the Big Sleep Out is happening.

Participants are sleeping only in sleeping bags.

Here, in Los Angeles, it is cold and raining. 2000 housed folks are expected to sleep on the field of the Rose Bowl to experience homelessness at night.

Here is hoping that actual homeless folks will go and sleep there too, in a place with free security with a positive atmosphere.

I’m all for getting this ‘lived experience’, but it isn’t as authentic as the experience that @Abales Andy Bakes of The Union Rescue Mission, @URM, offers. He will invite you to sleep in San Pedro street in the Skid Row neighborhood, without famous narrators, 🕯️ candlelight processions, free coffee or party music.

Kudos to the participants tonight!

If you don’t think you have it in you to experience being without shelter for the evening, or want to go to LA, remember that you can have a #HokidayHomelessDay any day this holiday season , in your neighborhood during the day.

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