Desperately Seeking a Daughter

It is almost Thanksgiving, a holiday built around family togetherness. but there are many families who will be in complete this year. One in particular, is on my heart.

I have spent the last week and a half on the phone with a mom and dad whose adult daughter is homeless in Tarzana and currently using drugs. she will text periodically to say that she wants help but she will not tell anyone where she is. She won’t come to an office or go to a place whether it’s outreach. this is breaking the hearts of the parents who are so used to being parents and wanting to rescue and protect their child. There’s nothing they can do. well, actually what they can do is something no one else can do. They can open their hearts and love her just as they have been with a parent’s love. They can listen to her pain. But they can’t fix it

“But she could die out there”, the mom wails. I know this is true, she knows this is true and perhaps their daughter is aware of it but maybe the daughter also just believes that she’s young enough and going to live forever unless your body gives out. the sad fact is that there are thousands upon thousands of people who are homeless in the LA area right now. Most of them are surviving and hopefully she will too.

She said she’s staying in a tunnel near the hospital so I am driving around and looking in parking lots and down alleys and seeking a tunnel. I have a 14 year old photo of her and I am looking for her during my lunch hour. She’s not my child but she’s my neighbor. Now my actual neighbor, I have never met her parents, but I live here too.

I am desperately seeking her out so that I can try to put her into treatment or a motel or just let her know that I am here for her when she’s ready. It rained yesterday and she was cold and wet. It will rain again and I hope that the next time she will be dry and warm.

She is not my daughter, but she is someone’s daughter and I am desperately seeking to find her.

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