Hey @Lapd and transportation /parking enforcement…

No fair! Playing “Hide and Seek” with parking signs and then giving out tickets has to be some kind of wrong.

Today I visited a homeless shelter and parked on the street. I did not see a sign : and I looked for one before I left my car! It has been 8 years or so since my last parking ticket (not counting the wierd Disabled Placard tickets… That’s another story).

This will put a crunch in my budget, but I’m also worried avout the Car Dwellers who also were ticketed. Can they pay? Will this lead to their vehicle being impounded so they lose everything?

I guess I’ll have to ask Neighborhood Legal Devices to help me navigate the LAPD parking enforcement services.

I got a ticket today but couldn’t find the No Parking sign on Arminta in North Hollywood. I am parked far up the street from this vantage point but no sign is visible to drivers or pedestrians
View several yards behind my car…do you see a sign?
View from my dashboard

Apparently the sign in behind this large pile, and faces the street so drivers can’t see it when they park.

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