I made my kid work on the Weekend to End Homelessness

Disneyland is where she is normally allowed to walk in the middle of a street. Glendale Blvd is not Disney (but it is cool).

Today we are at a table for my job at an event to end homelessness and I have to this nk about the appropriate educationon social issues for my child.

Do you know that I can’t think of a single Disney character who was homeless?

Cinderella was unwelcomed and unhappily housed.

Riana was poor but sheltered, and as a frog still had a safe place to belong.

Snow White. I guess for a few gours Snow White was homeless until she trespassed and was invited to stay by the dwarves : but only because she was pretty and could clean and apparently they needed a wife/mother figure.

Back to Darla, I want her to know that homelessness is a thing that people experience. I want her to be brave and face it so she can help avoid and address it.

Come see us and lose at Uno.

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