L.A. Times, do you read your own articles?

Hi guys, you have a wonderful staff writer named Steve Lopez. I met him in 2013 when he was visiting the people’s concern which was then called Lamp Community. every so often he’ll write about poverty and homeless issues on the streets of Los Angeles. His articles are pretty good. I strongly suggest that you read them.

He posted an editorial saying that one thing that the city of Los Angeles did not need was to declare a state of emergency for homelessness because of all the money and all the products coming down the pipe .

Cool, cool. I got you. I hear you. I would like for your staff who decided to publish this editorial and the author of The editorial to live outside and take no money and not sleep on a bed until that prop H funding kicks in and everybody else is housed.

the thing is, people need housing and food every day. It’s not like you can set aside your need for nourishment until it’s provided months or years down the line. What an emergency declaration does is it immediately provides temporary shelter and services.

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