1 bed, 1 person at a time

I am tired. For the past year I have been on call 24 hours a day and officially at work for at least 40 hours a week. It’s good work. The work is rewarding. But it’s also really hard. Housing people is a complex process. That requires finding housing, connecting people to shelters, placing staffContinue reading “1 bed, 1 person at a time”

Challenging Discussions : USC Center for Excellence in Teaching

http://cet.usc.edu/challenging-discussions/#module6 These do sound like dorky steps. But I’ve been doing them for a while with patients and was very interested to see the my approach was an actual thing that somebody else had named. And that this is an acceptable formal approach to calming a wave of emotions so that you can get toContinue reading “Challenging Discussions : USC Center for Excellence in Teaching”

Hey @Lapd and transportation /parking enforcement…

No fair! Playing “Hide and Seek” with parking signs and then giving out tickets has to be some kind of wrong. Today I visited a homeless shelter and parked on the street. I did not see a sign : and I looked for one before I left my car! It has been 8 years orContinue reading “Hey @Lapd and transportation /parking enforcement…”

LGBT Youth Spirit Day

The 3rd Thursday in October is Spirit Day, a day to being awareness of kids who deserve to love and be loved, kids who are at a greater risk of suicide and being bullied. Participating is easy, wear Purple . And, everyday… let people be who they are. Love and attraction isn’t your business unlessContinue reading “LGBT Youth Spirit Day”

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