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This was posted on a Facebook group today. Before you read I suggest that you go get some popcorn and then a chair with a seatbelt because I don’t want you to fall to the floor with disbelief or laughter.

the homeless situation. Anonymous post
I speak from experience and can back up everything that I am about to tell you. First and foremost it is a cash cow. Second, albeit far fetched it is a conduit for money laundering and drug trafficing.
Here’s how it works.
Shelters. In California they are only open during the Winter months. During these months the shelters receive money from the State and from the City to run their operations. Food and clothing are donated to the shelters. The donors get a tax write-off. The staff rag pick everything. Food, toiletries, suits, shoes, sneakers, underwear in fact practically everything to clothe a human being from head to foot. What gets left is given to the homeless to show that everything is on the level. The chosen few that get a new Brooks Brothers suit takes it to his connection, usually a hole-in-the wall retailer who buys the new suit for, say $50. The guy takes his $50 and buys $50 worth of drugs which becomes $250. Sweet, isn’t it?
When a homeless person goes to a shelter and is inducted they assess him/her. Some are good for investing in and others are good for rotating. The ones who are compliant and non threatening get the best treatment. They get to run the clothes distribution room and work in the kitchens. Kickbacks can run into the hundreds each week and more. Nearly every inductee has a drug, alcohol or psychiatric problem. This makes them a cash cow. Clinics pay the shelters a referral fee for everyone that they send. Due to the Data Protection Act inductees are given a case number and their identity is kept secret. Lets say Joe arrives on Monday morning and is accepted into the shelter. He is given a case number by his case worker. The case worker decides that Joe needs to go a drug rehab and an alcohol rehab. The clinic cuts the shelter a check and all of a sudden Joe has made a profit for them. The City has sent the shelter a check for case number 2126 for 6 months worth of care and, bingo, Joe has made them some more money. Big money. 2 weeks in the shelter wants to cut Joe loose, he just didn’t work out. Exit Joe who wonders what the heck just happened? They tell Joe to go see Father O’Malley. Father O’Malley takes in Joe and places him in a hospice where the same thing is going on. Only this time Joe is case number 5182, and a check from the City for 6 months of care is on its way. Father O’Malley sees Joes plight and that he must be put in a drug rehab but this time in a different diocese. If only Joe knew how much he was really worth to other people.
Enter Vincent. Vincent has a ‘family’ business. He has been talking to Father O’Malley. Father O’Malley recently failed an inspection by the City because the place was crawling with vermin and insects. Vincent makes an annoymous denotion of $30,000 in cash to Father O’Malley. Father O’Malley sees this money as an opportunity to get his place fumigated. He calls his friend Vincent who runs a ‘family business’ and agrees to pay Vincent $28,000 to fumigate his place. Now, the whole job would only cost $1,200 – $1,500 had anyone other than Vincent done the job. So, Father O’Malley pockets $2,000 and has just laundered $30,000 for Vincent. Sweet, isn’t it?
This is just the tip of the iceberg. Food is another racket. There are people who are contracted by the shelters to collect food from supermarkets on a daily basis just happen have little restaurants of their own. Convenient, isn’t it?
As for the homeless people themselves, well a lot of them are there by choice. You need a water cannon to move them on but that only creates another problem for their next location. You really need an old cruise ship where they can be ferried out and taken care of, away from the urban areas. That would take care of the physical problem. The greed problem is a separate issue and when it comes to messing with someones little ‘earner’ the opposition is fierce.

There is so much to unpack here.

To begin with, the poster sounds like people. They don’t like the people who are helping poor people. Also, there is a bias against Homeless People.

The author wants to out them on a boat and float it out to sea. Wow. Just…what?

The Case Number assignments…this is HMIS through Clarity. While the system is not perfect; it is actually pretty great. It allows meto find clients by approximate name and sometimes description. What the author is missing is that the system allows me to see to whom the person has a previous service connection. I reconnect folks all the time. Homlessness means moving around and the daily struggle for live occasionally comes before keeping appointments.

Body shopping is a thing. Kick backs for referrals- it has happened: but California has steong regulations and punishment for this. The practice is obsolete here. Also, treatment centers are so full that there is no need.

What are your thoughts?

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