9:25 at night

It is evening in Los Angeles and the sweltering day has melted into a cool night filled with mosquitos. 🦟

Not a single inch of skin is safe, covered or nude. The needle like faces of bugs Pierce clothing’s and they are happy to land in hait and take a stroll down your neck and into your collar.

In a few minutes I’m going to scamper inside and shower then cover all the bites with Vicks Vapor Rub. (I don’t know why thos works, but that it the Hot Sooon treatment are what works for me).

Screens closed, air conditioning on, I’m going to burrow into my fabric softener scented sheets and blankets.

Thousands of people in Los Angeles can’t find respite from th mosquitos, can’t take a shower whenever they want or stroll naked to their sleeping spot.

I charge you with remembering them everytime you go hide from mosquitos or sunburn or just decide you’re done with your neighbors and need some alone time.

Evening pinata girl
Swatting a pinata like it was a mosquito.

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