The Homeless Encampment

A homeless Encampment is a community of people living together in public on land that doesn’t belong to them. Each encampment has a culture: a time to do chores, a time to work, quiet time. Every encampment has an internally identified leader or leadership crew. Why live there? Safety and community. There is safety inContinue reading “The Homeless Encampment”

Conspiracy by Carol W

This was posted on a Facebook group today. Before you read I suggest that you go get some popcorn and then a chair with a seatbelt because I don’t want you to fall to the floor with disbelief or laughter. the homeless situation. Anonymous post I speak from experience and can back up everything thatContinue reading “Conspiracy by Carol W”

9:25 at night

It is evening in Los Angeles and the sweltering day has melted into a cool night filled with mosquitos. 🦟 Not a single inch of skin is safe, covered or nude. The needle like faces of bugs Pierce clothing’s and they are happy to land in hait and take a stroll down your neck andContinue reading “9:25 at night”

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