Quirks of a Temporary Home

If you are not Snow White, it is a pretty big challenge to share a home with 7 men.

Ideally the home will have a lot of room so people do not feel like they’re living on top of one another. It should be comfortable enough to lend dignity to the residence but I’m comfortable enough that people want to move to something better .

The tenants of this particular house are all men, all grown men. That does not stop them from leaving little surprises for me like the fake bird in the tree or the dinosaur up on the wall.

When I found this house, I grabbed it because of the size of the backyard. It has a place to sit and suck cigarettes, a place to grow a garden, and a place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or lunch. Inside the home has functional furniture and a very small TV. I like it because it is a place that I would live. Being close enough to walk to the store or public transportation, makes it very livable.

There is also a fire extinguisher and a payphone which are surprising additions to the home for anybody who’s only lived in a normal residence.

Given the cost of housing and apartments in Los Angeles, shared housing may be the way to go. I could see more of these temporary homes becoming permanent places to live.

We require people to do logs for their job searches and housing searches so it seems fair to give them a place to write

I’m trying to grow a garden.
I do not know why there is a Stegosaurus on top of the fireplace bricks
Look in the leaves and tell me when you see it

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