The Bold and the Beautiful – not a guilty pleasure.

This 30 minutes of daily drama is not frivolous. It’s a fun show with deeply flawed characters and houses that I desperately want to live in. It’s a nice take on reality.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet some of the people who work on the show and produce the show. The goodness and character of everyone involved with this production is outstanding.

Why are you caring about this on a blog about homelessness? The Bell family is a quiet philanthropist to some of the most needy people. This show about occulence and riches funds food and beds and education for people who are destitute and living in the same locations the stories are set in. The homeless in Los Angeles benefit from this soap opera.

You may remember that in 2010 The Bold and the Beautiful soap opera had a story arc how about a homeless person. It was realistic in ways that cop shows or murder mysteries are not. I was dumbfounded.

I grew up watching ABC shows because that’s what my great grandma and my grandmother and my mother watch and I had very little in common with those women. Soap operas was a language we all spoke and one of our few terrains that was common ground.

My eight year old daughter watches The Bold and the Beautiful with me after I come home from work. I am pleased to say that it is not a guilty pleasure, it is simply a good pleasure.

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