Shared Housing

Means room mates and housemates. It isn’t prison. And it isn’t just for young kids fresh out of college. Sharing a living space can be a great social support system in addition to saving money by splitting the cost of housing. Behold: The Golden Girls (shhhhh I love them).

You can use your EBT (foodstamp card) online

Walmart will now let you grocery shop using your EBT card. Here is the TechCrunch article: Amazon Prime has a membership plan for EBT recipients. I am actively researching this now. The current plan is month to month at $5.99 per month

Trauma Informed and Notes

Your a documentation is a form of trauma-informed care. If you tell their story in detail in writing then they don’t have to be tell it to everybody else who would have access to your notes. Reduce the number of times they have to relive their trauma. The story may change and may alter fromContinue reading “Trauma Informed and Notes”

Quirks of a Temporary Home

If you are not Snow White, it is a pretty big challenge to share a home with 7 men. Ideally the home will have a lot of room so people do not feel like they’re living on top of one another. It should be comfortable enough to lend dignity to the residence but I’m comfortableContinue reading “Quirks of a Temporary Home”

The Bold and the Beautiful – not a guilty pleasure.

This 30 minutes of daily drama is not frivolous. It’s a fun show with deeply flawed characters and houses that I desperately want to live in. It’s a nice take on reality. I’ve had the opportunity to meet some of the people who work on the show and produce the show. The goodness and characterContinue reading “The Bold and the Beautiful – not a guilty pleasure.”

Student Homelessness

I was so pleased that Fenton Charter Schools asked if students were homeless . I’m so used to telling parents what their rights are that I’m kinda blown away that a school reached out to find out and educate.

San Antonio officer previously fired over feces sandwich wins appeal | WOAI Here’s something new to try. let’s not keep people in positions of power when they’ve shown that they will hurt the most vulnerable.

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