When Solutions Sound Like Punishment

I am following conversations about how to reduce the number of homeless people living on the streets of Los Angeles.

I have very patiently been reading without comment. I really want to see what ideas other people have. And now I really want to move to a mew planet call a bunch of mothers and ask them to talk to their children.

I believe there’s a passage in the Bible where Jesus says that whatever we do to the most poor and vulnerable people in the world is how we are actually treating him. I don’t care if you believe in Jesus or God oh, but we do need to care about and believe in one another.

Pick them up &
Make them clean the streets for free –

or for less than minimum wage – in 90 degree heat –

Without options, or regard to talent

Those “poor houses” from way back when in Europe (for an easy to stomach example of this, watch Disney’s animated Robin Hood movie) sure do excited some folks.
Ship them out to a modified jail system, far away from the rest of humanity.

Steralize them and keep them from breeding

Guys, your “solutions” are dehumanizing. I’m a little afraid of some of you right now.

Are we discussing people or animals. Are they humans or work horses? Can we honestly fight against internment camps for refugees in the same breath were discussing shipping off homeless people into something very similar?

Shut down the sadism and start up the solutions

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