Tide Pods, Incentives that Work

Tide Pod Incentive
Tide Pods are the best incentives ever. Homeless Clients keep their meetings more often when they are offered laundry detergent. This works better than food or clothing offerings.

Sometimes I have a hard time getting a client who lacks housing to come to a meeting. 2 months ago I instituted the policy of giving out a @tide pod to every client every time they came in to the office to address their homeless status.

Our no-show rate has plummeted from 72% to 20% and the only thing we have changed is that we give out laundry detergent, one pod at a time.

My suspicion is that people who lack housing and lack laundry facilities also lack the luxury income to buy laundry detergent. People want to look nice and they want to smell nice and they want to feel good and being able to do laundry is part of that process. I used to love having my mom helped me with laundry because it always smelled better somehow when she was a part of the process. I like having clean sheets and clean socks and most importantly clean underwear and I imagine our low-income friends feel the same.

Actually, I don’t have to imagine it. I know that this is true because this is what they are telling me and what they are telling their caseworkers and why I found  staff  at the drug treatment center waiting outside an office this morning. They were lining up to get Tide Pods to give out – to help people up. I guess this means that my clients are #gettingclean in more ways than one.

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