Negligent Police Officer Leaves gun in Public Bathroom. Good Citizen Finds and Returns it

There @KTLA and @LATimes, I fixed your headline. Man Admits Taking San Luis Obispo Police Chief’s Gun After She Left It in El Pollo Loco Bathroom: Officials

Homeless Connect Day Services/ Spa 2

Employment Services/                    Referrals Chrysalis Employment Services                     LAFH Employment Services Legal Services                                   City Attorney Mental Health             Continue reading “Homeless Connect Day Services/ Spa 2”

The Risk of Housing the homeless

Risk: we take a risk when we shelter those who have forgotten how to be housed. It is frustration and sadness and irritation to learn someone has damages the property by doing something avoidable. Also, it is expensive. Alas, we repair and they another day and succeed. bit by bit, we teach Housing and showContinue reading “The Risk of Housing the homeless”

Tide Pods, Incentives that Work

Sometimes I have a hard time getting a client who lacks housing to come to a meeting. 2 months ago I instituted the policy of giving out a @tide pod to every client every time they came in to the office to address their homeless status. Our no-show rate has plummeted from 72% to 20%Continue reading “Tide Pods, Incentives that Work”

When Solutions Sound Like Punishment

I am following conversations about how to reduce the number of homeless people living on the streets of Los Angeles. I have very patiently been reading without comment. I really want to see what ideas other people have. And now I really want to move to a mew planet call a bunch of mothers andContinue reading “When Solutions Sound Like Punishment”

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