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The new spotlight being shown on Los Angeles regarding the homeless crisis is starting a lot of conversations about people with substance use disorders. You would know those people by the label of “addict”.

I have a thought. Instead of being a keyboard warrior who only talks about the problem, I invite you to come sit at the table and design solutions.

That is what I did this morning. I spoke with practitioners who are designing outreach programs for medicated assisted treatment, which is often better known as MAT. These programs offer Suboxone and methadone and other drugs to help people resist the urge to use illicit narcotics. Studies have shown that a combination of medication and therapy as the best approach to several Behavioral health issues. The bigger question is “How do we make treatment something that the most vulnerable clients can reach?”.

Post your ideas and suggestions.

Even better, start conversations whenever you hear discussions about straight based addictions. Ask other people how they would develop services and help people find and maintain sobriety.

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