Homelessness is Bad. The Homeless are Just People.

Being, while homeless is a tragedy.

I have been taking part of a Facebook group run by channel 7 ABC. They are discussing homelessness and solutions and issues. But mostly it’s just a place for people to fight about homelessness.

  1. Some people think that all homeless people are criminals, they are illegal aliens or choosing homelessness. They accuse these street residents of being drug addicts. They say most homeless people are refusing help and that none of the homeless people are not trying to help themselves.
  2. Other people are homeless and using the Facebook group as a place to fight for their right to exist.
  3. A third group of people are blaming the politicians and Eric Garcetti who is the current mayor of the city of Los Angeles.

The issue is so much more complex than just these three sides. I’m frustrated that we’re not seeing more solutions. I am sad that current ideas and applications we currently have are so slow and being effective at a rate that will never catch up to the growing population.

People are complex. I stopped being an I.T. Director and chose case management and social work instead of a nice paycheck because I prefer working with people. I don’t like the hate everyone throws around when they feel overwhelmed.

Homelessness is like String theory. Every string is different and behaves in unique ways. The same is true of every person living in poverty. Banded together the entire population behaves in ways that differ from the individual strings. There are dimensions we haven’t mapped yet.

So we have to try everything, with as much enthusiasm and optimistic determination as possible.

We need a variety of leaders with vastly different views.

Most of all, we need respect, for each other and for the population at the eye of this storm.

Find the group here:


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