The Trojan Shelter

The Trojan Shelter

“We had to start somewhere!” agreed a determined pair of passionate undergrad students at USC, Abigail Leung and Esther Cha, who decided to do something when they heard about college student hunger and homelessness.  They formed the Trojan Shelter Project at USC with a vision of getting involved in a practical way to end college homelessness.  The group is a registered campus organization and operates under the auspices of Students4Students (parent group for the UCLA Bruin Shelter).  They are currently organizing, fund raising, and preparing to open a 12- bed shelter near the USC campus for college students experiencing homelessness in the greater Los Angeles area. The shelter will offer free-of-charge housing, meals, and resources to its residents. For more info, this video tells their story: .

You can also visit their website at:

If you want to help make sure the shelter can open next year, they are taking donations now:

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