64-Year-Old Homeless Man Dies After Being Stabbed by Unknown Assailant at Reseda Park: LAPD – KTLA

https://ktla.com/2019/06/27/64-year-old-homeless-man-dies-after-being-stabbed-in-reseda-lapd/amp/ This was right near my work. He probably died at Providence Hospital Tarzana. If he had lived he might have become my client and I would have housed him

Come to the Table

The new spotlight being shown on Los Angeles regarding the homeless crisis is starting a lot of conversations about people with substance use disorders. You would know those people by the label of “addict”. I have a thought. Instead of being a keyboard warrior who only talks about the problem, I invite you to comeContinue reading “Come to the Table”

Homeless is a Buzzword

Cool. Great. Everyone is talking about the number of homeless people in Los Angeles. I so wish the conversation was about the improvements being made to end homelessness. I wish the conversation told you the behind the scenes story of what the line workers are up to. I wish you knew we spent 3 hoursContinue reading “Homeless is a Buzzword”

The exhausting state of being a professional advocate for ending Homelessness

Really, it seems simple. California, of all places is especially equipped to feed and house the residents here. California grows enough food to feed the nation. True, our diet would be steak, milk, oranges, strawberries, watermelon and artichoke but who is complaining about that? There are 18,600,000 vacant homes in the United States. There areContinue reading “The exhausting state of being a professional advocate for ending Homelessness”

Reseda Neighborhood Council

I’m here to talk about housing. I got it. I just bought a new car until I do care about where it gets parked. I want to know that it’s okay when I’m not in it. More than that, I want to know that the bodies of other people are safe and sheltered because thoseContinue reading “Reseda Neighborhood Council”

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