Complicated Relationship with DPSS

MVIMG_20190509_100057.jpgI remember the first time I heard the phrase DPSS. I was 7 months pregnant with no job, no degree, and no hope.

My mom told me to look at the blue pages in the phonebooth. I called and went to the Pasadena office. I was scared, the building was cold and dirty. There was no comfort in the experience. They have me a packet to complete and a list of documents to bring “or else”. My assigned worker was actually very sweet to me, after I hopped the hurdles to get to her. It was a success and work her support I completed my degree and found work that pulled me out of Public Aid.

Eventually I worked as a countr contractor for GAIN Welfare to Work and became a DPSS welfare worker myself.

I left DPSS to go to Grad School at USC and now work at a drug treatment center running homeless programs.

Today I’m here at the Van Nuts office as a provider.

I never expected this entity to be a corner stone in my adult life.




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