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Today I was in the Union Rescue Mission for the second time. The first time I went inside the building , I was pregnant with Darla and snuck out of Maternity triage to serve Thanksgiving dinner with the crew and cast of The Bold and the Beautiful (@BandB_CBS).

I was not prepared for what I saw. I was not prepared for the warm and the grace of everybody from the security guard in the parking lot whoever staff member I met on the four floors. By now you know that I have customer service issues and have never been able to shake off how stuck-up I am oh, so you will understand that when I stepped off of the elevator on each floor into a well-appointed and welcoming lobby, I felt like and honored guests. I appreciate that the people who come to the mission for assistance also have the experience of feeling welcomed and cared for. In a world where people who don’t have a lot of money often are served in buildings that are falling down and shoddy looking, it is so nice to find this corner of the world where people who have absolutely nothing are treated as very important.

I was there to talk to Sheila and LaTonya. (I didn’t even try to cast my eyes on @Abales, Andy Bales. You know I’m a fan) Usually when I go into a Social service agency I am counting the seconds until I can leave; I hold my nose and wonder what the mystery sent his and keep one eye on the clock.

Today I did not want to leave. I was comfortable with the staff, engaged by their enthusiasm for the population, I’m happy to bring some friends of mine with me I said that they could make better connections for their own career goals.

I tell you this not as an advertisement for the mission but just to give you a small glimpse and to an agency that I have personally witnessed perform miracles and a population that would otherwise seem forsaken buy the world.

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