Toilet Paper Tampon

The “luxury tax” on tampons and pads adds just one more layer of impossibly annoying barriers to hygiene for low income women. The fact is that many women cannot afford tampons or pads and so they go without. They make the time-honored toilet paper tampon which is something all women have had to use atContinue reading “Toilet Paper Tampon”

The Union Rescue Mission Lives

Last year Darla went to the #SheDoes protest on Los Angeles’ City Hall Steps. She said it was scary and it must be sad to have no money when the bank buildings are your night light. I told her about my trip to @URM and meeting LaTonya and Sheila. This was her reaction. Right nowContinue reading “The Union Rescue Mission Lives”

Complicated Relationship with DPSS

I remember the first time I heard the phrase DPSS. I was 7 months pregnant with no job, no degree, and no hope. My mom told me to look at the blue pages in the phonebooth. I called and went to the Pasadena office. I was scared, the building was cold and dirty. There was noContinue reading “Complicated Relationship with DPSS”

URM the Difference

Today I was in the Union Rescue Mission for the second time. The first time I went inside the building , I was pregnant with Darla and snuck out of Maternity triage to serve Thanksgiving dinner with the crew and cast of The Bold and the Beautiful (@BandB_CBS). I was not prepared for what IContinue reading “URM the Difference”

Church , Money, Blessings

You have money. Do you “sow a seed with a church to grow your blessing”, or do you use your money to reduce the human suffering of your neighbor? Yes, your blessing might increase your money and perhaps you could reduce a lot of suffering later; bit your neighbor will die of hunger while youContinue reading “Church , Money, Blessings”

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