Housing Options

When you have absolutely no money, you also have almost no housing options.

But, say you do have some money oh, enough to rent a room from someone. How can you find a room that you can afford? How do you find someone who will rent to you given your background story? If you have an ICE supervision case, criminal history, bankruptcy, or no credit because you were never employed…if you only have money to recommend you:you might continue to be homeless.

W9. Familiarize yourself with this term.

A W-9 is the tax ID form used when you have something to sell and that makes income you have to declare in your taxes. If you have a room, an apartment, or a home to rent you will want to complete a W-9. Several types of Homeless assistance funding require a signed W-9 form. It can be downloaded in the web from IRS.gov.

lA County DPSS will require this form for many of their Homeless programs. You will also need to prove you have looked for funding everywhere else.

A nonprofit case manager might have access to Lease up, an app made by http://www.path.org to track the most recent rental listings including those that take Section 8.

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