Charity is Learned at Home

Education: what am I teaching my daughter in the non school hours.

This is the 6th year I have worked in a charity gala…I’m not quite one of the “ladies who lunch”, I am one of the ladies who munch in the evenings in conference rooms around the valley – finding ways to share joys and invite people to participate in providing needed help to marginalized populations.

Companies like @MAXIMUS INC make millions with government contracts to provide services to low income neighbors, but the hard work ; the real work is done in the community by neighborhood agencies and charities, by low paid line workers and volunteers.

Get involved. Discuss these issues at dinner, in the car, and while watching television.

Discuss if Andi Mack’s mom might receive public assistance since she is a single parent working in a retail store and doesn’t have a college degree. Hey @Disney, am I right?

Sponge Bob is a line cook, does he get Medicare of is health insurance part of his job?

Put their fictional peers into a real world perspective and you have a safe venue for hard rlconversations. Semese Street has been sporadically doing this for years. Abby has divorced parents and 2 homes.

I am thrilled her public education is teaching her skills to read and do math, I am giving her places to practice compassion and experience teamwork. Last night she sat “aggressively coloring” during the planning meeting for the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission (MEND Poverty no longer had a gala). This is her with our friend Mose.


What lessons do you teach by example at home?

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