The Need For Dignity and Respect

“Expect Respect”.

I used to have a handmade sign that said this in my old cubicle.

From the security guard to me and up through the politicians in charge of designing, approving and finding programs designed to assist people in their poorest hours, you should experience respect.

Dignity is important.

People should feel like they matter. Jim Carey says that folks believe in religion because they want to feel like they matter… bit whatever the method, people deserve to feel that they matter.

We exist. We deserve to be seen and treated with care. No, not coddling, I said “care”.

Dont appreciate people just for who they are, appreciate a person BECAUSE they are.

This doesn’t only go for people on the lower end of the economic spectrum. Sometimes we else someone who has fame and all we see are “Power”,”fame”, & “money “, and because we want those things too, that is all we treat this person like .

Take a moment today to see the people around you. Look them in the eyes and smile. Say hello. Help them with a door, offer them water (it is super extra hot in Los Angeles county today) .

In the same vein, expect to receive respect also. Correct people who shout you down, disparage you or ignore you. Do this with kindness but also firmly.

You matter.

To me, you matter.

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