Wow, that is a long hashtag, right?

The issue attached to it also can’t be easily captured succinctly. But the facts remain, that people with mental illness are less likely to kill or injure others than those without a diagnosis.

They must be broken

Homelessness and Gun Violence have something in common, we assign the label of “less than”. We scapegoat them. It is safer to call names than do the work and look at the issues head on.

#MentallySaneAndCausingPain #MentallyIllareLessLikelyToKill

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2 thoughts on “#MentallyIllarelesslikelytokill

  1. It’s not just our politicians who blame mental illness for the tragic succession of mass shootings in this country, it’s us. It’s our family, friends, media. It may be a convenient excuse politically and socially to divert from discussions of gun access, but it is a false and scapegoating excuse which further stigmatizes the mentally ill. Stigmatizing mental illness does not help to increase access to help for the vulnerable in our communities, including the homeless. Please hear more about the issue from Dr. Jonathon Metzl of Vanderbuilt Unversity:

    Mental illness https://www.c-span.org/video/?441890-3/washington-journal-dr-jonathan-metzl-discusses-mental-health-gun-violence


  2. An inadequate mental health system is cited as a chief contributing factor to mass shootings, but research suggests that those with serious mental illness are less likely to commit violence toward others, and are not the segment of the population who are responsible for the overwhelming instances of mass shootings in this country. Blaming the mentally ill for shooting atrocities further stigmatizes a population who are more likely to be the victims of violence and oppression than to perpetrate it. The blame scapegoats the mentally ill to divert attention from the conversation of access to firearms.

    Hear more about the intersection of gun violence and the mentally ill from Dr. Jonathon Metzl of Vanderbilt University:



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