Can you imagine being a female and homeless?


Darla is going to find out tonight, even though I have a cold. I want her to know why it is important to care for our neighbours. I want her to feel the cold and the fear and desperation so she understands that it is real and she should always be aware of it as she makes all of her life choices, as she passes people sleeping on bus benches, begging on freeways, showing up to school sorry in the same outfit for 3 days in a row (school kids can be homeless too).

Do you know the number of times a homeless woman is raped?
Homeless women are assaulted on the streets and sometimes in mix gendered shelters.

The first part of any recovery is always to find safety.

Money has been set aside for homeless services. This movement is to get the attention of our political leaders and have them spend some of it specifically on the women you deserve safety and shelter.

Come, sleep outside city hall tonight. Bring a tent and a sleeping bag or just a lawn chair.

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