#walkup with care

Listen to your gut on this #walkingup business.

#walkup to anyone you’ve always wanted to get to know, but somehow haven’t chatted with

If you avoid some people because they set off alarm bells for you – keep on avoiding them.
Don’t put yourself in danger because it is “the nice thing to do”.

Especially girls, don’t do this. It is okay to say “No”.
“No”, I won’t open this locked door for you. Get a key or have somebody who does open it for you.

“No”, I won’t let you carry my groceries, I don’t know you.

“No” I won’t get in your car although you’re just being nice and offering me a ride. I don’t trust you.

“No”, I won’t give you my lunch. I am hungry too and I deserve to eat it.

“No”, I won’t work for free. I deserve to be paid (and exposure isn’t payment)

“No”, I won’t sit with you, I don’t feel comfortable around you.

“No” I won’t be “friends” with someone just to appear nice. It is not nice to fake it and basically nobody is fooled. I am also teaching myself that my instinct for self preservation makes me a bully.

I WILL say Hello, please &thanks, How are you, and pass them papers and pens like I do to everyone else. I will be a good citizen and classmate and I will be polite and sincere.

Sincerity matters more than “walking up” under duress.

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