Don’t Wait to Lead: Do the Right Thing Now

To the people who are afraid that they will lose their chance to be called a leader if they expose the lies and wrongdoing embedded in the fabric of that same group, they want to lead…

You are the offender.
You are as bad as the people you cower from.
You want to continue the corruption.
By submitting to tyranny you are continuing to give it power
You are approving of it.

You say you want to lead, but you are unwilling to protect those you expect will follow you. (You don’t want to lead – you want a title.)

You say you will “change the way things are done” – but you want to wait until you get your title, your glory, your accolades. You want to let the system’s corruption work for you BEFORE you clean it up for everyone else… and you swear you won’t get distracted once you get to your throne of power.

Stand up and speak the truth to those who expect you to lie for them.

Or else, sure, you will be a leader; but a leader of what? Will you be proud of your group, company, organization if you know it is broken and you have done nothing to fix it?

Is it worth being Queen if you reign over a hell?
this was inspired by watching the lawsuit progress between Heidi and The international order of job’s daughters @JDI

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