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” Orange County Supervisor Todd Spitzer @toddspitzeroc needs some help with his stats & understanding of people experiencing homelessness. He is on Conan Nolan on KNBC 4 now. I’d like to help him.

1/3rd are feral, 1/3rd are recently out of prison due to AB109, 1/3rd are mentally ill? What about thousands of families with children? Thousands working but living in their cars? Crime completely stopped in Fountain Valley when you cleared river of encampments? @toddspitzeroc” -@abales

Mr. Spitzer,

My name is Sonya Keith and I have been working with people who have had a shortage of Housing and money and resources to stabilize themselves for 20 years. I would really like to introduce you to the population you’re talking about.

While it is true that 15% of all homeless people will be chronically homeless that does not mean that they are feral. Referring to people in terms of animals is just as offencive as calling a woman a b**** somebody a pig or a jackass. It is reprehensible and it is below you. At least it should be below you.

May I ask what you have against people who have been released from prison? There has been a judge jury conviction and sentencing already done and you were no part of that they are free now. You can be part of that. You can be part of making the community safer by making it more welcoming for everybody. If you worry that people who were prisoners are dangerous because they’ve been to prison, then please move your effort influence and eyesight to prison reform and make it truly Correctional and not Penal.

Perhaps we can have lunch and I could break out my DSM 5. We could discuss what it means to have a mental illness. We can discuss it some mental illnesses come and then go like a case of chickenpox. A mental illness is not a defining characteristic or demographic quality it is an illness and can be treated. How many therapist and psychiatrist in people do you have in Orange County who are willing to work with the low income and the homeless?

This question is particularly important to me because the entire reason I am sinking half the price of my house into tuition at the University of Southern California is so that I can take that knowledge and spend the rest of my professional career giving Professional Therapy, clinical therapy and clinical social work services to the poor and to the homeless. Can you say that you are as dedicated to those same constituents? Are you aware that they can vote?

Please find time on your schedule to have lunch with me and I will bring the Reverend Andy Bales. (Hey, Rev., wanna have lunch?)

It is often said that when you know better you can do better. Let us teach you.

(photo by O.C. voice, edit by me)

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