Meet the Skid Row Police Leadership, Captain Marc Reina

You may remember that I started this blog when I worked on Skid Row. I have a love and hate relationship with the police. My absolute adoration changed when I began working in Skid Row. It was hard for me to tell the difference between “the Purple Shirts” and other area community forces. I learned to sayContinue reading “Meet the Skid Row Police Leadership, Captain Marc Reina”

Aging in place

Being homeless takes a decade off your life if you’re young… imaging wjat it does to the elderly. Younger honeless people can actually measure as senior citizen s in all areas except for age… how to house them? oh, and watched an @invisiblepeople @hardlynprmal video

#walkup with care

Listen to your gut on this #walkingup business. #walkup to anyone you’ve always wanted to get to know, but somehow haven’t chatted with If you avoid some people because they set off alarm bells for you – keep on avoiding them. Don’t put yourself in danger because it is “the nice thing to do”. EspeciallyContinue reading “#walkup with care”

Don’t Wait to Lead: Do the Right Thing Now

To the people who are afraid that they will lose their chance to be called a leader if they expose the lies and wrongdoing embedded in the fabric of that same group, they want to lead… You are the offender. You are as bad as the people you cower from. You want to continue theContinue reading “Don’t Wait to Lead: Do the Right Thing Now”

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