Social Work Lesson – needs and short comings to dealing with youth shooters

…………….thoughts about the shooting and challenges to addressing it …………….

A. Do an accurate assessment

B. Have an open and working system of communication between all parties ( schools, law enforcement, therapist, etc). This does not exist, but wouldn’t Open source Intelligence Database is in the works.

Homicide and Suicidality thinking are “End Game” plans. The shooter knows that they will be dead at the end of this event cycle.

The Psychiatric Systems of containment is now the short term. We have better long-term systems of containment in the criminal system than we do in the general citizenry. The problem is that you cannot keep people in prison and maintain their separation from worse influences.

Our philosophy of 24, 36, 72 hour holds fail the clients.  A client who says they will be okay are often released because they “say” they are fine, but their therapist is telling charge nurses that they know that the client WILL hurt themselves or someone else.

Needing a Continuum of Care

Where is the wrap around perspective with constant consistent care with agencies working together instead of fighting each other for the hot funding?There is a shortage of Psychiatric Beds in LA. There are about 300 beds available for teens.

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