Psychiatric First Ai

This is a Bottom Up approach caring for the emotions of the people who have been exposed to disaster or terrorism.

If you feel traumatized and unsafe: don’t be the person offering care.

With the client

  • Look at the physical safety of where you are.
  • Help them find a family member or support system
  • Ask them how they calm themselves down and stabilize
  • Evaluate their experience in this disaster
  • Do they need any medication, how are they feeling. Are they feeling like hurting themselves or anyone?
  • Find out who takes care of them – and help them to know that they might be starting to overthink something, avoid and withdrawal – and they will feel like they are on an emotional roller coaster

So, this really reminded me of Girl Scout Leader training. Telling people that it is okay that they are going to fall apart, but they can’t do that here – they can freak out with their own caregiver.


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