Re-turn-ment Camps

Homeless Services Committee considering an ordinance to allow motels to convert to homeless housing with onsite services. I was not ready for this stakeholder comment:

“We need returnment camps, someplace like Lancaster. You know, like internment camps but RETURNment camps for the homeless to give them a chance to return to society. We could have big fences and let them sleep in tents – like Sheriff Joe in Arizona. Or they could live in RVs. We would even have hookups. They wouldn’t die or anything. If they wanted meth, let them do meth! Who cares, they couldn’t hurt us. And if they wanted to stop, then we could offer them a path out.”

I had to leave. I just couldn’t. Overcome with emotion. As I regain composure, I realize it’s people like this that are the reason I advocate so passionately for our people. This woman just energized my resolve to help end homelessness. -Paul Dumont

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