Day 2, Black History Month Things to Ponder

Never be deceived that the rich will allow you to vote away their wealth.Lucy Parsons: Freedom, Equality & Solidarity – Writings & Speeches, 1878-1937

Something I have noticed is that racism is rampant among my friends who do not think beyond the surface level. It’s like what I tell my daughter to find the hairbrush on the rocking chair. If they hair brushes under a t-shirt she will swear that the hairbrush isn’t there. It never occurs to her to dig or to lift things or to look deeper to discover something she might find useful.

Seeing all people as equal is something that is useful. Racism has no use other than as a means to separate people. It’s a really good way to distract people and get them to fight each other if you are the person who benefits. If you make the knives and the guns then you need the war. If you’re earning all the money, you benefit from making the poor look the other way while you walk hone with the moneybags.

I still run into The Stereotype that the homeless people are all black bums. This is not accurate. There is a disproportionate percentage of homeless people of color and I think that we should look deeper to find out why. I suspect that we will find the root cause does not lie with black people but it is rooted with the way that Society works and with the rules and treatment by the whites.

Why do I care, I if the lilly white skin and blue eyes?

I care because homelessness is bit the illness, it is the visible symptom that our country is not living up to the grand standards we were told about in 4th grade government class.

Racism is economic.

Racism is also rude, and when I see my friends on Facebook or other places spouting racist memes or calling somebody retarded for standing up with and for the downtrodden, I will call them racist right to their face.

I like what Miss Lucy Had to say when she mentioned that we should never trust the rich to let us vote away their wealth. I challenge you to not think about it as their wealth but to think about it as American money belonging to the American people meaning that it is our wealth. What are you going to do to make sure that nobody is without?

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