it has been a long time

Thank you for being here with me for so many years.

You have been with me through five different residences, free boyfriend’s, three jobs, the birth of my uncle’s child, and my decision to go back to grad school and dream of a bigger dream.

Sadly, during that same time you have seen homelessness become worse in Los Angeles. We just had wildfires come through and they were across the street from my house. Many of the homeless families that I have settled places are now homeless again and they can no longer shelter in place cuz their shelters have burned.

During the years that I’ve been writing this blog the stigma against poverty has become worse. I think that people who were middle class and lower middle class see themselves as millionaires who have simply misplaced their wallets and forget how to look out for themselves and for each other. They vote for legislators and laws that hurt them because they see the rich people as the cool kids and for some reason once you protect them.

While our leaders may be rich comma we need to think if we really want rich people to be our leaders. We need to be represented by people who are like ourselves.

Also, during the 11 years I’ve had this blog a new theory of housing first has come out. Check it out, it’s pretty cool.

I know I’m always neglecting this blog but it is still a cause near and dear to my heart and when I am not here with you I am off somewhere volunteering or working or studying to address the issue of homelessness in Los Angeles.

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