Client Graduations

Case management is hard and sometimes depressing and often frustrating. However, when you have a client you really like (or when you have a client that even you don’t like) who makes progress, you want to support them. One of my favorite parts of case management is attending family and personal celebrations. Tonight I amContinue reading “Client Graduations”

Youth Employment Services

Youth Employment Opportunity Program (YEOP) The Youth Employment Opportunity Program (YEOP) provides special services to youth between the ages of 15-25 years old to assist them in achieving their educational and vocational goals. While working with peer advisors, youth clients interact with professional individuals who have similar paths, perspectives, and educational goals by providing referrals to supportiveContinue reading “Youth Employment Services”

Dear Dean Marilyn Flynn of USC

So  . . .  I was awarded a scholarship. This is my “Thank you” letter.   Thank you for believing in me enough to award me this scholarship. On my first day as a student you stood up in front of the crowded Radisson ballroom and told us to “Fight On” and never give upContinue reading “Dear Dean Marilyn Flynn of USC”

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