Learning and Treating Depression

You don’t need to know why someone is depressed to help their Depression.

Depression is a disorder, listed in the DSM-V

  • depressed mood most of the day
  • overeating or weight loss
  • etc…

CBT has been shown to work as well as Medication, first proven effective in the early 1980’s


Problem Solving Therapy, Behavioral Activation & Monitoring, Solution Focused Therapy and CBT are all effective.

CBT has been proven to be as effective as medication.

There is a belief that the negative thoughts or frames of thoughts of a person with Depression will see everything negatively – “very Debbie Downer”  “This sucks, let’s solve it”.

  • These distorted thinking come from psychological and environmental exposures. The negative thoughts feel familiar and normal to the Depressed Person and not strange. This is a combo of environment and thinking.
  • Imagine you walked past someone you know on the street and they did not aknowledge you.

How do you feel and what do you do?

Slow down and through. Whatever your reaction (I pulled out my phone and looked busy, I called someone to rant, I felt sad like I was unworthy) it was based on a flash of thought and emotion.

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Core beliefs: not confident, helpless, anxiety, incompetence and unlovability. These get triggered

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Cognitive Distortions happen

this is not a “Bottom Up” yoga, breathing exercise. This is a TOP DOWN, thinking type of therapy

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