Psych Meds . . .how to navigate this conversation

Medication does not “cure” mental illness, but it can help control symptoms and is most effective when combined with therapy.

Talk to your provider and come prepared with answers and ready to discuss these questions.

  • What medications have been tried
  • What can they afford
  • What are you willing to take
  • What has not worked
  • What side effects are a “hard no” for you
  • If you don’t take your medications – do you know why?
  • Why are you taking the medication?
  • What symptoms are you trying to avoid? Is it the lack of sleep, the sadness?
  • How can medication improve your life?

  • Do you notice any side effects that bother you?

What else are you using? Caffeine, meditation, pot?


do you know about the Indigent (low income) Patient programs?

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