Learning and Treating Depression

You don’t need to know why someone is depressed to help their Depression. Depression is a disorder, listed in the DSM-V depressed mood most of the day overeating or weight loss etc… CBT has been shown to work as well as Medication, first proven effective in the early 1980’s   Problem Solving Therapy, Behavioral Activation &Continue reading “Learning and Treating Depression”

Why I Give 2 Answers to “Who’s the Daddy”

This is for my daughter. I am writing this in the computer lab at USC where I am working on my MSW. It seems fitting to be doing this here because it was at a computer in Citrus College where I wrote this same narrative for my parents. In the summer of 1993 I wasContinue reading “Why I Give 2 Answers to “Who’s the Daddy””

Psych Meds . . .how to navigate this conversation

Medication does not “cure” mental illness, but it can help control symptoms and is most effective when combined with therapy. Talk to your provider and come prepared with answers and ready to discuss these questions. What medications have been tried What can they afford What are you willing to take What has not worked What sideContinue reading “Psych Meds . . .how to navigate this conversation”

The Importance of Coalitions

I am at a clinic put on by SAJE https://www.facebook.com/strategicactions  Check them out! Here are some things I am learning: Don’t do the work twice. Find someone who shares your interest and push policy more effectively. The policy is important. A coalition can spread the word better and faster.  Get a good number of people at publicContinue reading “The Importance of Coalitions”

Fail of the Foster Care System and Fame without Consent

This is Marilyn Monroe. Maybe you’ve heard of her or seen other pictures? She was a human being. She was born the same year as 91-year-old Hugh Hefner who died this week. She married at 16 years old to escape the foster care system. A few years later, while trying to break into modeling andContinue reading “Fail of the Foster Care System and Fame without Consent”

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