Donating After Disaster

Grab on to that urge to give. Dont let it slip away.

Please leave a comment with a place that you know of where people can donate money, food, items, clothing, or their time. These places can be at local disaster sites like Texas and Tennessee during Hurricane Harvey or local nonprofits.

The reason you’re looking at a video of my underwear drawer is that socks and underwear and bras are very much needed for people who have been displaced by natural disasters whether it’s a weather disaster like a hurricane or disaster in their home like domestic violence, or divorce, death, or homelessness.

I never understood that until my friend Mark Horvath of invisible People
made friends with the Hanes company started handing out socks to homeless people. I saw a video this week about donating underwear to people in Houston and it really did resonate with me that whenever I go through the donation beautique at MEND there are very few bras and underwears. Whenever I donate clothes, I specifically try to go and buy new underwears to drop off with my donation because I understand the importance of it.

If you have a place you always donate to please continue to do so. If you want to donate to an agency at the site of a natural disaster please do that! Find a way – we will drop links down here. Grab hold of this urge to make the life of somebody else easier & find a local place to donate.

I personally suggest Ascencia and the city of Glendale, Union Rescue Mission in downtown Los Angeles which also has Hope Gardens in the city of Sylmar. I actively donate to mendpoverty.Org ( meet each need with dignity ) in the city of Pacoima California, and Los Angeles Men’s Place ( LAMP ) which is situated in downtown LA

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