I am a Better American Than You are.

I am a Better American Than You are. My blood is redder than yours. My blood is Bluer than yours. I don’t need freedom of speech because I don’t think I want to say anything that is not mainstream or publicly accepted. I don’t believe in slavery because I have never met a Slave. IContinue reading “I am a Better American Than You are.”

How can I get a Veteran Designation on my Driver License?

This is how service members can identify themselves as such on their driver’s license and photo I.D.s. this can be especially helpful of you are seeking assistance designed for veterans because it takes official documentation to get this mark on your photo ID.

Chronic Illness – Jepordizing Life

One of the greatest challenges to low-income people is managing Chronic Illness.  This is a disease that lasts longer than 3 months and cannot be cured with medicine or treatment. Chronic illness is a world of losses. Loss of freedom and security; if you have heart or lung or mobility issues you can’t go hikingContinue reading “Chronic Illness – Jepordizing Life”

Evacuation is such a priveledge…

Every time there’s a natural disaster I hear people questioned why the residence didn’t leave. If people knew a storm was coming in, why didn’t they go somewhere else? The answer is simple. Evacuation is a privilege. It is a privilege afforded to those who can pay the cost of airfare or gasoline or ownContinue reading “Evacuation is such a priveledge…”

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